Djerba Island

Djerba Island is the largest North African island and a very popular tourist attraction with its magnificent sandy shorelines and picturesque sunsets.

Getting to the island from Tunisia is easy, there is the bus or you can drive yourself, both require a short ferry ride to bring you to an island surrounded by Mediterranean coastline and miles of unspoiled beaches hosting a choice of fantastic water sports.

The island has a host of activities and is rich is history and culture. As you walk around the island you will be amazed at the beautiful architecture of the whitewashed houses along with the farm lands filled with olive trees, figs, apricots and palm trees.

For golfing enthusiasts there is a large golf course offering an eighteen and nine hole green, there are museums, towns and beautiful scenery to enjoy during your visit to the island.

Houmt Souk is the main center of the island and is also home to the Folk Museum and the magnificent Old Town. It’s here where you will find a wide selection of cafes and restaurants where you can taste some of the delicious local cuisine.

Head to Guellala, a small area and an extremely popular tourist area which is famous for its spectacular pottery. You can stop in at the Guellala Museum which is located in an architectural masterpiece and filled with ancient artifacts which enable you to soak up some of the history of this exquisite island.

As you wander around the island surrounded by beauty you can stop at Bokj El Kebir, an ancient fort and the first headquarters of the Romans. This is a large fort on the water’s edge or head to Ghazi Mustapha Fort which is located next to the beach and made of stone, offering a beautiful photographic opportunity.

Other popular attractions on the island include the El Ghriba Synagogue, the oldest in Africa, a gorgeous building and well worth a visit and the Traditional Heritage Museum which is two thousand square meters of objects and artifacts including exhibitions on island folklore, jewelry and costumes.

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