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Planning Your Tour to Tunisia

We hope to answer most of your questions here. However, we understand that each traveller is unique and may have questions not addressed on this page. If that is you, please do not hesitate to send us a message, we’ll do our best to respond within 24 hours.


Tunisia Tours offers private tours only; the group is who you decide to travel with. This means that we plan a tour around your and your party’s availability. We do not have pre-scheduled tours that you can join and travel with other adventurers whom you do not know.


Traveling alone in Tunisia can certainly be an experience of a lifetime. As we focus on custom private tours, each tour includes a private vehicle, professional driver, and a knowledgable licensed guide. If you are traveling solo, you will need to assume all hotel, driver, and guide expenses on your own. While this can increase your individual costs, we have served solo travelers in Tunisia with much success. We’d love the opportunity to provide you an amazing experience here in Tunisia.


Tunisia is a great place for children. There are many enjoyable activities for  children of all ages. Our own children love all that there is to do. Some examples include beaches, museums, camel treks, and quad rides to name a few. Our tours are customizable and we’d love to help you plan your family’s visit.


Custom tour itineraries are not foreign to Tunisia Tours. As all tours with us are private, we are able to make modifications to any tour. We are happy to work with you to put together an itinerary that fits your travel style and desires.


A professionally licensed guide is required for all of our tours in Tunisia. Our English-speaking guides are knowledgeable and friendly and are waiting to show you the best of Tunisia!


Tunisia Tours advises you to check with the Tunisian Embassy in your passport country regarding visa requirements. According to our latest research, Canadian, US, & UK passport holders do not need a tourist visa prior to arrival in country. Australian passport holders may need to obtain a tourist visa from the Tunisian Embassy prior to visiting. As a general rule, passports should be valid 6-months beyond the anticipated date of departure from Tunisia and have at least one blank page for entry and departure stamps.


Booking international flights is the responsibility of the client. Tunisia Tours does not handle flight bookings with the exception of any domestic (within Tunisia) flights included in your tour package; costs for domestic flights are already calculated into your tour price.


Travel insurance is the responsibility of the traveller. Tunisia Tours does not include travel insurance in our private tours. However, we highly encourage you to purchase travel insurance from a company that specializes in this product to protect your investment in your dream vacation.


Once your tour is booked with us, we will communicate with you about your arrival in country. In most cases, a private vehicle with an English-speaking driver will meet you at the airport and transfer you to your first night’s hotel.


Food in Tunisia is delicious! However, we understand that serious food allergies exist. Tunisia Tours cannot guarantee you an allergen-free visit but we are happy to discuss your allergies and offer suggestions that may help you avoid any severe allergens.


As a general rule, non-Muslims are not allowed in mosques in Tunisia with a few extraordinary exceptions. While all mosques prohibit non-Muslims from accessing the prayer halls, the Zitouna Mosque in the Tunis medina allows visitors to view the courtyard (though entrance is still not permitted). Also, the Mosque of Uqba in Kairouan permits tourists during open visiting hours. Visitors to mosques should dress in modest clothing and respect the rules and guidelines of the mosques.


Our private tours are designed for you to experience authentic Tunisia. Our private tours are organized by professionals living in Tunisia with firsthand experience of the language and culture, who have carefully planned every detail in order to offer you the best possible travel experience. Unlike other group tours, private tours are customized with your travel needs and preferences in mind. Choose your travel schedules and amend the tour itinerary anyway you want. Don’t waste your valuable travel time waiting for public transportation that could be delayed. We employ the most experienced and knowledgeable drivers and tour guides to provide you with superb service and an unforgettable time in Tunisia!


Ready to start planning your visit to Tunisia? Contact us by clicking here and we’ll reach out to you within 24-hours. You may also get in touch with our Canadian office by phone, email, or social media.


Tunisia Tours understands that you have a budget and wants to work with you to plan the perfect tour within that budget. Cost of tours in Tunisia vary depending on your party size, travel dates, accommodation levels, and of course tour itinerary. In general, the larger your party, the lower cost per person. Low travel season (Nov. through Feb. with the exception of the final two-weeks of Dec.), will also bring with it lower prices. Please send us a message a customized quote based on your travel plans.


Tunisia Tours is a division of Mosaic North Africa, which is a Canadian company. Therefore, all prices quoted are in Canadian Dollars. Payments are accepted in Canadian Dollars at the exchange rate in effect at the time of payment.


Tunisia Tours invoices for tours using our PayPal business account. We have found this to be the most convenient and simple way to accept payment by credit card or bank account. There is no additional cost to our customers and does not require you to sign-up for an account.


Yes. the deposit amount is normally $350 Canadian Dollars per person. The deposit is non-refundable.

Late bookings, large groups & high season deposits vary. The deposit may not be accepted if we feel we would be unable to provide our normal service due to lateness of the booking or due to overbooking.

For late tour bookings less than 21 days before the planned tour date, we require full payment of the total Tour Invoice.

When you make the non-refundable deposit, you confirm your acceptance of the Terms and Conditions sent to you and authorize us to begin the reservation process and undertake expenses on your behalf.

By sending your Traveler’s Information (Name, Address, Phone Number, and Birth Date) and payment of deposit, we will confirm your spot and mail you our invoice outlining the outstanding balance.


The balance of any invoice is due to our office 45 days prior to departure. If we have not received the balance by the due date, we reserve the right to cancel the trip. Our cancellation policy will automatically apply.


Note: For GROUPS larger than 10 people, 50% of the invoice is due 60 days or more prior to trip departure.


We reserve the right to modify or correct errors in pricing at any time before Tunisia Tours has received the tour deposit on the agreed upon tour and the terms & conditions have been signed by each traveler.


Cancellation of a reservation will incur the following fees.

Days before travelCancellation fee per person
45+ days before travel$350 deposit forfeited
31-45 days before travel25% of total
15-30 days before travel50% of total
0-14 days before travelNo refund


Reduction in Group size: If one or more members of a private tour party need to cancel, the increased unit cost to run the tour for the reduced party size will be re-calculated by Tunisia Tours. The increased cost per person will need to be covered, either by the remaining travelers or the members who are cancelling.


Security & Emergency Cancellations: Tunisia Tours reserves the right to cancel any tour at any time if we feel that the safety of the traveler(s) may be compromised. Very rarely, we may be forced to change or cancel a tour because of, but not limited to,  threats of war, riot, civil strife, terrorist activity, natural or nuclear disaster, adverse weather conditions, fire and all similar events outside our control. While extremely unlikely, the client will be refunded the full amount minus expenses and payments made to our local providers or expenses occurred to secure your bookings.

We reserve the right to cancel a tour if the currency exchange has more than a 20% impact on the price; in which case we may cancel and refund all payments received to date or offer to provide the tour at the new exchange rate.


To protect your travel investment, we highly recommend that you obtain CANCELLATION Insurance.


No refunds will be given if you leave the trip for any reason after the trip has begun.


We reserve the right to decline any booking at our discretion.


No refund will be given for unused services included in the tour cost.

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