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All of our tours enable our clients to learn from and experience Tunisia’s rich cultural and religious heritage.

Tunisia Tours is a division of Mosaic North Africa, Canadian-based tour company specializing in culturally engaging custom-designed tours in North Africa including Morocco, Algeria, & Tunisia. Tunisia is especially close to our hearts as we have chosen it to live and work. We operate in Tunisia with first-hand knowledge and experience with the language, people, and culture. Our tours are very diverse and range from travel photography tours, religious heritage tours, and more!

Our Knowledgeable Team

We are uniquely qualified to advise you on what makes the best vacation in this beautiful North African country.

With almost a combined ten years of living in Tunisia, we are the ones you want to help plan your tour. Our team has first-hand knowledge of all there is to do. We are acclimated to the culture and speak the local language. We have seen the sites, experienced the activities, stayed at the hotels, and eaten the food.

As we continue to live, work, study, and travel in North Africa, we are continually amazed to discover and learn from the rich traditions and cultures found throughout these lands. We are committed to valuing and growing in our understanding of the language, cultures and peoples of this region.

Come, experience the beauty!

Our Business Principles

All of our tours enable our clients to learn from and experience Tunisia’s rich cultural and religious heritage.

MNA’s foundational business principles are a commitment to integrity, openness and honesty in all business dealings. We believe in responsible tourism and desire that all of our clients respect the traditions, cultures, and country laws of their travel destinations. Our aim is that all of our work be done with trust and accountability. It is our hope that all our travelers will come as learners ready for a wonderful adventure. Whatever you hope to glean from your encounter with this region, we trust you will see, experience and ENJOY the many pieces that make up the beautiful ‘Mosaic’ of North Africa.

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