Where to Dive in Tunisia

Tunisia is blessed with an interesting coastline that’s perfect for scuba diving. Several wrecks have created some interesting sights for advanced divers, and with the best reefs and dive sites located near the main tourist beaches it’s easy to get out and experience the underwater attractions of this African country. If you are looking for a tunisian tour with diving, you might want to consider…

The island of Djerba is well-known for its beautiful beaches, and it has no fewer than 6 fabulous dive sites to enjoy. Ranging from intermediate to advanced, they offer a challenge for everyone other than the basic diver, and one of the most popular locations has got to be the aptly named Octopus Reef. At no more than 16m deep, the 1000m long reef enjoys great visibility, which is just what you need for spotting the elusive parrot fish that live here.

Not far from Hammamet are two great dive sites that attract wreck divers from around the world. The Takrouna wreck is a WWII german boat that sank with a jeep still strapped to its deck. It lies around 20m below the surface, but the visibility is pretty good here. You’re also likely to find a few dolphins and Pilot whales cosying up for a look too.

15km off the shoreline from Tabarka is a choice of around 5 particularly good dive sites, each with an interesting tale or background. One of the favourites is the Pigeon Grotto, a series of underwater caves that stretch from 2m to 12 metres below the surface. It’s largely protected from the ebb and swell of the sea, so it’s a great location for new or returning divers.

Monastir has the most bountiful waters, with 20 sites that are regularly used for diving expeditions. The Hannibal Wreck is one of the deepest, with a total depth of 31m, and you’ll see some fish that are usually less obvious to divers down here. Another deep dive is the wreck of the Ribat, located at 48m down and only accessible by experienced divers with specialist equipment. There are a number of dive schools in Monastir who offer trips here and have the right equipment for a dive at this depth.

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