Where is Tunisia?

Tunisia is a small country in North Africa surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea, Algeria and Libya. When looking at a map, this country is such a small slither of the northern part of Africa, but it is a country rich is natural beauty and bursting with history and culture.

From the bustling city of Tunis and the modern town of Gafsa to the north down to the magnificent and picturesque Sahara Desert in the south, this country has so much to offer tourists.

Golden beaches and green forests all the way to the sandy dunes of the desert welcome over seven million tourists each year. The Mediterranean climate offers hot and dry summers and mild winters, making this a popular tourist destination throughout the year. Though the best time to tour Tunisia is during the spring time, March to May, when the weather is warm, but not unbearably hot, especially if you want to explore the dunes of the desert.

On the northern side of Tunisia is where you will find the magnificent beaches, busy cities and towns and coastal holiday resorts. To the southern end of the country is where you can experience the wind swept sandy dunes of the desert, some of them towering up like mountains out the vast landscape with desert plants adding color to the barren, yet beautiful scenery.

Tunisia is an Islamic country, it’s important to honor traditions, customs and laws in the city areas by dressing modestly, especially when visiting temples and places of worship.

The coastal holiday resorts are like any holiday resort, you can dress as you wish and enjoy days lazing by the pool and soaking up the sunshine as you gaze across the crystal clear waters that sparkle in the sunlight.

Golden beaches, towering sand dunes and green forests are what you can expect to find when you visit this small piece of paradise in North Africa.

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