What to Pack When Traveling to Tunisia

When planning a holiday to Tunisia it’s really important to remember that this is a Muslim country and if you are a woman you need to pack modest clothing, covering your legs and arms where possible.

Tunisia enjoys a very warm climate so when packing your suitcase you need to bear this in mind along with the fact that low cut vests and shorts are not the ideal clothing choice. You’ll want plenty of lightweight and loose fitting clothing such as T-Shirts, shirts, trousers and ankle length skirts.

Packing a cardigan for the cooler evenings is a good option. When it comes to shoes, leave the high heeled stiletto’s at home, you want comfortable shoes enabling you to explore the ruins, wander around the Medina or head to the beach if you wish.

A bathing suit and shorts can be packed but should only be worn at your hotel pool or at the beach.

Protect Yourself From the Sun
Remember you’re heading to a warm climate and the sun can be harmful when you’re not used to it, especially if you’re going to spend a few days exploring the Sahara Desert. You’ll want a sun hat with a wide brim to protect your face and plenty of sun cream, also sun glasses can be very useful to protect your eyes from the harsh light.

Other Items
You’ll also want to pack a bag that will enable you to pack a cardigan, sun cream and sun hat when you go out. The bag should be easy to carry, maybe a back pack or messenger style bag.

Carry cash with you when you can, because not all of the smaller stores accept credit card and you’ll want to buy plenty of bottled water as you discover the beauty of this stunning country. Pack your bags for the Best of Tunisia.

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