What to Do When Visiting Tunisia for a Limited Time

Tunisia is a wealth of cultural experiences, natural beauty and fun activities. When you are visiting for only a few days you want to get the full Tunisian experience. There are some things you must not cross off your “to see” list.

Bardo Museum
The Bardo Museum is one of the most famous museums in Tunisia. The museum is located in the country’s capital, Tunis and it is set in a palace. Not only is the building itself spectacular, but the museum is home to a selection of Roman mosaics, pre-historic items and modern traditional items.

Al Zaytuna Mosque
This is the oldest mosque in the heart of Tunis and spans over 5,000 square meters. There are nine impressive entrances to the mosque which is home to over one hundred and sixty columns complete with spectacular architecture. The mosque is used as an Islamic school, but is a popular tourist destination boasting some of the most amazing Tunisian architecture.

If you have done your homework on Tunisia then you know that one of the most visited areas in the whole country is Carthage. Carthage is home to some of the most well-preserved Roman ruins you will ever see from Antonine baths to a Punic port.

It’s easy to spend the entire day in Carthage, stepping back in time and soaking up all the history it has to offer. Be sure to stop in at the Carthage museum which is where all the excavated artifacts are displayed.

Tunis Medina
The Medina is the old town complete with narrow passages, covered alleys and spectacular traditional architecture. It’s here where you will find the traditional markets, called souks, selling a host of items from leather goods to carpets and jewelry to perfumes.

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