Visiting Port El-Kantaoui in Tunisia

Port El-Kantaoui is a popular Tunisian tourist destination especially for those travelling with children. This area is filled with stunning beaches and great experiences combined with a wonderfully warm Mediterranean climate.

Some of the experiences you can expect to find here include:

The Harbor
Port El-Kantaoui is home to a beautiful harbor area whether you are just looking to sit down and soak up the spectacular views or enjoy a leisurely walk in the fresh air as you watch the beautiful boats bobbing in the marina.

Port El-Kantaoui is a favored tourist destination so there is no shortage of shopping opportunities whether you are looking for souvenirs to take home with you or stunning jewelry items to remember your stay.

Zoo and Botanical Gardens
There is a popular zoo in the area with a host of animals in various exhibitions from lions to sea lions. Afterwards you can wander around the botanical gardens, enjoy the beauty and tranquility away from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

It is here where you will find some of the most spectacular beaches with wind surfers, wet bikers and snorkelers taking to the waters. Whether you want to lie back and soak up some of the Mediterranean sunshine or you want to try something new in the water, such as scuba diving, it’s all available in this top tourist area.

Looking for some peace and quiet? There is a golf course with the most panoramic views, as you play your round of golf be sure to stop to take advantage of the picture perfect scenery.

Amusement Park
For those travelling as a family Hannibal’s Amusement Park is always a must when staying in Port El-Kantaoui with a host of rides for the children to have a fun day away from the beach.

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