Visiting El Kef

El Kef is a city located in north west Tunisia. The city sits on the cliff of the Jebel Dyr mountains and is only forty kilometers from the Algeria border. This beautiful city is rich in history and culture with a selection of sites to be explored on your Tunisia tour.

The best way to get around El Kef is on foot, this way you can explore the city at your own pace and be sure you don’t miss any of the delightful architecture and sites.

Sidi Bou Maklouf Mausoleum
This is one of the mausoleums in the area with an elegant minaret. The interior is superb with ornamental wood and ceramic tiles that are traditional Tunisian design. The mausoleum is worth a visit when you are in the area, a chance to really soak up some of the beautiful Tunisian architecture.

Roman Baths
El Kef still has some well preserved ruins dating back to the Roman times, this includes the Roman baths, temple and cisterns. Visiting El Kef should include a stop at this piece of the city’s history.

Dar El Kous and Synagogue of Ghriba
Dar El Kous is the basilica in the city and well worth the visit. The Synagogue of Ghriba is a synagogue set in the heart of the city, while it may be confusing from the outside, once you’re inside you can be amazed by the spectacular architecture. There is a thriving Jewish community in El Kef.

Museum of Popular Arts and Traditions
The El Kef Museum of Popular Arts and Traditions has a wide selection of artifacts for you to explore, they are all collected from every day life in Tunisia from costumes to jewelry and pottery to a host of other artifacts to give you a true sense of what Tunisian life is all about.

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