Visit Bizerte in Tunisia

Bizerte is a Tunisian city to the north, it’s actually the most northern city in Africa and considered the oldest city in the whole of Tunisia. Bizerte was originally founded in 1,000BC by the Phoenicians who turned the area into a harbor town before it was occupied by the Romans.

In 1881 France took hold of the city and used it to build a large naval harbor, they left Bizerte in the 1960’s. Today Bizerte is a city filled with picturesque views, rich in history and an interesting destination when on your Tunisia tour and it’s only sixty six kilometers from Tunis, so wonderful for a day trip.

The Beaches
Bizerte is home to four large beaches complete with white sand and beautiful blue waters. Sidi Salem is the most popular of the beaches which starts at the mouth of the port, this is a really large beach where you can swim or just sit back and relax and enjoy the warm Tunisian sun. The other beaches are La Grotte, a beautiful beach, Rasenjela beach better known for the caves you can explore and Al Rimel beach.

Old Port
The Old Port is one of the most charming sites in Bizerte complete with the brightly colored fishing boats and local fisherman bringing in their catch of the day. The buildings that surround the Old Port are filled with shops and quaint cafes where you can take a break and enjoy watching the activity around the port. It’s a great place to take a leisurely walk and just soak up the beauty and charm of the area.

Other Sites
The other attractions in Bizerte is the interesting oceanography museum complete with aquarium and the Medina. Unlike the other Medina’s in Tunisia, this one doesn’t have a souk and it’s really difficult to tell once you have entered the Medina from the rest of the city, but once you are wondering around the narrow passages and you visit the Kasbah, you will know you have arrived.

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