Unwind on the Kerkennah Islands, Tunisia

The Kerkennah Islands are not very popular with tourists, in fact these are the islands that the Tunisians go to on holiday. Some people love these beautiful islands which are only twenty kilometers from Tunisia and are only three meters above sea level. For those who love to explore, you might want to include this on your Tunisia tour.

The Kerkennah Islands are where you go if you are looking for a place to relax and unwind. It’s agricultural in nature with plenty of fishing. Then there is the natural beauty with palm trees and long stretches of sandy beaches.

The Islands are made up of two main islands and five smaller islands with Chergi being the largest of the two main islands. It’s here where you can find most of the touristy attractions.

Spend some time in Sidi Fredj. This is the main tourist hub of the islands and is where you will find all the hotels, restaurants and outdoor activities. Whether you want to lie by the pool of your hotel or spend some time fishing, you can do it here.

Borj el Hissar should not be missed when visiting Chergi, this is an ancient Roman fortress which overlooks the ocean. The fortress is very well preserved since it was rebuilt by the Spanish in the sixteen century. These ruins offer tourists the opportunity to really soak up some of the history of the islands.

Remla is a quiet area with a few small shops. This is a place where you go to relax and enjoy the slower pace that is enjoyed here over the hustle and bustle of the cities on the mainland.

Lastly on Chergi is El Attaia, a small fishing village. While the only things to see here is the port and museum, it’s the brightly colored fishing boats and sandy beaches that is the main attraction.

The second main island, Gharbi, is connected to Chergi by a causeway which dates back to the Roman times. Chances are the ferry will actually drop you on Gharbi and you will need to make your way from there to Chergi.

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