Tunisian National Parks and Wildlife

Tunisia is a favored tourist attraction because of all the history and spectacular ruins and sites the country has to offer, but there is another side of Tunisia, the side that is filled with various wildlife, which has also become a major tourist attraction. You might want to consider visiting some of these national parks on your tour to Tunisia.

The national parks in Tunisia is the best place to see the variety of animals, birds and plants that live in this area. There are eight national parks in Tunisia, each one offering visitors an opportunity to see all these animals and plants in their natural habitats.

Bou Hedma National Park
This national park is set in central Tunisia and is where you can see a selection of animals from gazelles to sheep and cattle to jackal. There are also porcupines, hyena and ostriches which live in the park.

Boukornine National Park
This national park is home to twenty five species of animal and bird life including the mongoose, boar, jackal, barn owls and booted eagles. The park is a great place to take a walk, soak up the natural beauty and see what animals you can spot as you explore the area.

Chaambi National Park
Chaambi National Park is located in southern Tunisia and protects Jebel Chaambi which is home to a selection of sheep, gazelle, porcupine, hare and hyena.

El Feidja National Park
Set in north west Tunisia, the El Feidja National Park is home to a wide selection of bird species.

Ichkeul National Park
The Ichkeul National Park is located in northern Tunisia and comprises of Ichkeul Lake and wetlands which is home to a selection of migrating birds. This is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site and if you love exploring and spotting birds, this is a great place to stop when visiting Tunisia.

Jebil National Park
Jebil National Park is the largest national park in Tunisia, set in the Sahara Desert the park spans 150,000 hectares and is home to desert shrubs, gazelle, fox, jackal, sheep and desert reptiles.

Sidi Toui National Park
This national park sits on the Sahara Desert border and is home to over twenty animal species including wild cats, fox, gazelles and desert lizards.

Zembra National Park
Zembra is a rocky island which is now a national park due to the rare plants that grow there, the selection of invertebrates and the bird life that have made this area their home.

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