Tunisian Festivals

Tunisia located in northern Africa is a very popular tourist destination with a host of sites and attractions. Tunisia enjoys a warm climate with really hot summers and pleasant winters making it the ideal destination throughout the year.

Tunisia, as with many other countries, holds festivals and events throughout the year with three main events that shouldn’t be missed if you’re planning a Tunisian vacation.

Sahara Art Festival
The Sahara Art Festival started back in 1910 and is held over four days during the month of December in Douz, which is in the Sahara Desert. With the golden dunes as a backdrop you can enjoy four days of crafts, music, dancing and fun sporting competitions which include horse and camel riding events.

Take a break from the festival and experience a camel riding experience through the golden dunes of the desert, visit some of the oasis and Berber villages or try an extreme dune surfing experience.

Carthage International Festival
Carthage is probably the most visited archaeological site in Tunisia and during July and August they hold an international festival of theatre, music and dance. This started in 1965 and gives you a chance to enjoy some of the local artistic talent.

Make sure you take an afternoon to explore the spectacular ruins in Carthage, visit the museum and take a step back in time when visiting the area.

El Jem Symphony Music Festival
El Jem is another very popular tourist attraction in Tunisia. This huge Roman amphitheater is well-preserved and in better condition than the Coliseum in Italy. The amphitheater is used once a year for the symphony music festival welcoming musical talent from Italy, Hungary and many other countries.

Over and above the festivals and events, Tunisia offers spectacular beaches and beach resorts, an abundance of natural beauty and a host of outdoor activities for the whole family to enjoy.

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