Tunisian Arts and Crafts

Tunisia located in Northern Africa offers spectacular coastlines, long stretches of sandy beaches, clear blue waters and an abundance of history and culture. They also have a great mix of arts and crafts from leather goods to pottery and carpets to iron works.

The best place to find the traditional items such as leather, pottery, carpets and iron is at the traditional markets, which are called souks. Souks are often found in the Medina or old town of each city and town. The Medina is usually surrounded by walls, so you can’t miss it, and is a medley of narrow passages and covered alleys brimming with traditional architecture.

Pottery dates back thousands of years and Tunisia is known for their mosaic richness with many museums dedicated to the mosaics that have been found around the country during various excavations.

Today the pottery is decorated using the traditional methods of yesterday and you can buy these items to take home with you at the souks or at a choice of shops.

Carpet making is one of the very popular crafts in Tunisia. The carpets are normally made of cotton or wool and are bright and colorful. Tapestries are also very popular offering brilliant colors and spectacular craftsmanship.

Iron Work
Iron is another craft which Tunisia is proud of. Decorative windows, doors, pots and cauldrons are made using copper and wrought iron and sold at the traditional market places.

Leather is a big industry in Tunisia and the area used to be a top saddler trade post. The leather is affordable which is why so many tourists make the most of the garments available. Traditional Turkish slippers are very popular with the men’s slippers being plain and the women’s having colorful embroidery added to them.

Almost all the arts and crafts of Tunisia can be taken home as a souvenir to remember your amazing Tunisian holiday experience and bring a touch of Tunisia into your own home.

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