Ride a Quad Bike in the Sahara Desert

Tunisia Outdoor Activities and Adventure Travel

Tunisia, located on the northern most point of Africa where the wilds of Africa meet the Mediterranean, is a great space for adventure travel and outdoor activities.  It is great to see Tunisians and foreigners equally enjoying the adventure sports in the area.  Some of the more common things like water sports and quad rides on the beach are available near typical tourist spots, the white beaches and the resorts, but if you want to get out and experience some of the more adventurous activities we are glad to connect you and set up your custom adventure travel.

Quad Ride in the Sahara Desert

Experience an epic trip through the Sahara sand dunes.  Up to a 3 day trip to a hot spring miles into the wilderness.  Camping will be arranged along the way experiencing Bedouin fare and hospitality while challenging your riding abilities and abilities to make quick decisions and read the terrain as you work your way over deep sand without trails to your destination.

Jugurtha Tableland Table Mountain
Jugurtha Tableland Table Mountain

Hiking at Jugurtha Table Mountain

Enjoy a hiking experience on Table mountain (Jugurtha) near El Kef. This large Mesa (listed in the UN world heritage sights tentative list) looks like it rises up in the middle of the plane has provided a natural defensive point for more then a thousand years.  It is covered with cave houses carved out of solid rock which housed the army to watch out over the valley and provides a difficult assault for anyone trying to take the area.  Enjoy hiking up the mesa and explore the structures and spectacular views from the top.  This can be reached about 1 hour from the city of El Kef and can be added to any tour in the area.

Camping and Outdoor Hiking

There are many beautiful locations to camp outdoors in the country.  The stars never look so bright and food never tastes better than when out camping and cooking over an open fire.  Enjoy hikes through some of the largest cork forests in the world and spend the night on quiet private beaches or in the mountains camping under the stars.  Tunisians are increasingly enjoying the great outdoors; camping and hiking are becoming a favorite way to spend a weekend for Tunisian youth.  There are now miles of coastland to camp on the beach, plentiful mountains and other outdoor areas set up for campers. There are many local experienced guides who can take you on hikes through the mountains, teaching you about the local plantlife and environment and even setting up a meal from foraged mushrooms and herbs for your enjoyment.  Bring your own camping equipment and let us help arrange a great outdoor adventure.

Ride a camel in the Sahara
Camel caravan in the sahara

Camel Ride Experience in the Sahara Desert

You can experience the desert in a slower pace as it has been experienced for hundreds of years by nomads.  Learn to read the terrain and know where to camp, how to handle the sun and other challenges of the desert while in the experienced hands of Bedouin guides.  No comparison of the desert night sky, quiet evenings, contrast between the day and night, travel on one of the largest tamed land animals.

Caving in Tunisia
Caving in Tunisia

Rock Climbing or Caving in the Mountains

Southern Tunisia is famous for its cave houses and houses carved out of the ground to keep out heat (like the one used in Star Wars).  Did you know there are also several large, almost untouched natural caves in the country?  Special permissions and good guides who know the caves are needed. This is a great opportunity for those with experience or a sense of adventure who want to explore an almost untouched part of the country underground.  There are also several popular places for great rock climbing.  Again, special permission is necessary and you will want to bring your own equipment for safety reasons, but there are experienced rock climbing clubs and regular ascent and decent locations on several mountains in Tunisia for those looking for adventure.  We can to set up an amazing camping and outdoor adventure either underground or on the edges of mountain cliffs throughout the country.

Biking through the Cork Forests, Alpine Pine, or Desert Palm Oasis

Outdoor biking across the country has become increasingly popular.  Many of the roads in the out of the way parts of the country will seldom see a car on a given day.  Many hours of quiet bike rides can be enjoyed for the adventurous soul who doesn’t mind not always knowing exactly where they are at the exact moment.  Lose yourself (not permanently hopefully) in the oasis palms and lush undergrowth that run for a hundred square kilometers through the desert.  Explore back country roads through the mountains surrounded by forest.

Hot Air Balloon Ride
Hot Air Balloon Ride

Hot Air Balloon Ride

Enjoy a hot air balloon ride through the Desert or across the Olive plantations. At a slower pace, get above the hot desert air and enjoy the views of endless dunes as you follow the wind across the desert oasis.

Plan a Custom Tunisia Adventure Travel Tour

Contact us to have one of our Tunisia travel experts help you plan a custom Tunisia adventure travel tour that could include some of these outdoor activities.

William is a sales representative with Tunisia Tours / Mosaic North Africa and avid adventure travel enthusiast. Over the last 5 years he has been living in Tunisia. Currently he splits his time between sales / consulting on tours in the area and using his engineering skills in helping in the start up phase in a couple of business start ups in the area of recreational equipment and date sugar manufacturing.


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