Tunisia – An Adventure Seekers Paradise

Tunisia located in northern Africa is a popular tourist destination due to the wonderful warm weather, fantastic historical sites and the top natural beauty sites. But there is another side of Tunisia, the outdoor experiences side, the adventure seekers dream where you can enjoy a host of adrenaline pumping experiences in a warm and beautiful country.

While the majority of tourists enjoy exploring the UNESCO World Heritage Sites and seeing the selection of well-preserved ruins, visiting the museums and exploring the Medinas, there are some tourists who prefer to be outdoors exploring this beautiful country through fun adventure activities that really get the heart pumping. Consider some of these on your private tour of Tunisia!

The Mountains
Tunisia has great mountain ranges where you can enjoy rock climbing in the ravines, hiking up the jagged cliffs and walking through some of the most spectacular scenery. Many of the mountainous areas are home to quaint Berber villages which you can visit while you explore the sights.

Find an easy path and enjoy a cycling trail in some of the most spectacular scenery with panoramic views that will take your breath away.

The Desert
The Sahara Desert is a huge desert which makes up a large portion of Tunisia, the golden dunes are a hive of activity with camel riding and quad biking to be enjoyed. Spend your day dune surfing or try something completely unique, dune yachting.

There are great places to visit in the desert including oasis villages and top sights, so you can soak up some history during your adventure travels.

The Beaches
With such a warm climate its no surprise that Tunisia is very popular for it’s magnificent stretches of beach and crystal blue waters. The beaches offer great fun for everyone from wind surfing and kite surfing in Djerba to scuba diving and snorkeling. Some of the beaches offer camel rides and horse back riding, where you can ride along a golden beach and through the water in the warm sun.

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