Tunis the Perfect Choice for Honeymooners

Tunis the capital of Tunisia in Northern Africa is probably not the place you would think to spend a romantic honeymoon. In fact Tunis is a beautiful city filled with historical sights, natural beauty and spectacular parks where you can sit and relax.

Tunisia enjoys a warm climate which is why it’s such a popular tourist destination and what better way to spend a honeymoon than exploring new sights and enjoying the warmth of the sun on your back?

The Medina
Stroll the Medina hand in hand. The Medina is the old town and you can find one in every major Tunisian city. Often they are surrounded by walls and are filled with narrow passages and covered alleys. Here you will find the most amazing traditional architecture, mosques and historical buildings not to mention the fun and excitement of the souks.

Souks are traditional markets that are found within the Medina walls selling a host of items from leather goods to pottery, clothing and jewelry.

Sidi Bou Said
Take a day trip to Sidi Bou Said and be amazed. Sidi Bou Said looks like a Greek oasis in the north of Africa. The buildings are all white with bright blue windows and doors. The town is set on a hill overlooking the spectacular marina and is filled with souvenir shops and cafes.

Visit Carthage to soak up some history and visit some of the most well-preserved Roman ruins. Carthage is a very popular tourist attraction complete with a museum where you can browse some of the excavated artefacts.

There are two magnificent parks in Tunis to spend a leisurely afternoon together. Parc du Belvedere is a top choice and spans over 260 hectares complete with a beautiful duck pond, it offers romance and tranquility.

The other park is Parc National du Jebel Bou Kornine and sits on a peak towering 500m above sea level complete with panoramic views, great hiking opportunities and caves to explore.

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