Top Roman Sites in Tunisia

Tunisia offers all visitors an opportunity to step back in time and explore the fantastic and well-preserved Roman sites you can find in the country. Discover what it must have been like to live there all those centuries ago, be amazed by the superior architecture and outstanding mosaics, just to mention a few of the experiences you will discover.

Cilium is one of the best kept secrets in Tunisia. This Roman site welcomes only around one hundred visitors each year and yet has so much to offer. It’s a “secret site” that will give visitors a chance to explore the fantastic mausoleum, theater and so much more all dating back centuries.

Dougga is a popular tourist attraction, UNESCO World Heritage Site and archaeological site. This was a small Roman town dating back to the second and third century. Explore the villas, the market, the forum and the tombs. Be sure to see the baths and the theater, not to mention the outstanding arches.

Carthage is another of the popular tourist attractions in Tunisia which dates back to the Phoenician times in the ninth century. The Roman ruins which stand today are well preserved. This was once of of the richest Roman seaports and was home to around two thousand people. Today you can explore the baths, walk to the top of Byrsa Hill and soak up the views or visit the Carthage Museum where you will find all the excavated artifacts and relics.

El Djem
Have you always wanted to see the Colosseum in Italy? Well El Djem is home to a well-preserved Roman amphitheater that will put the Colosseum to shame. This amphitheater dates back to the third century AD and is better preserved and larger than the one in Italy. You can wander around the amphitheater, explore the underground tunnels and dungeons and be amazed at the spectacular architecture from all those centuries ago.

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