Top Historical Sites of Tunisia

Many tourists who head to Tunisia located in North Africa head for the beach side resorts without realizing that Tunisia is so rich in history with some of the most spectacular historical sites, offering visitors an opportunity to glimpse into the country’s past.

Bulla Regia
Bulla Regia is one of the most popular historical sites in the beautiful country of Tunisia. This is an ancient Roman site complete with preserved ruins of villas and monuments and is worth the visit when in the area. It’s an opportunity to soak up some of the country’s history while holidaying in the warm sun.

Dougga is a spectacular and very well preserved site which is set over seventeen hectares. Dougga ruins include temples, public baths, villas, a forum and a 3,500 seater amphitheater. One of the most popular attractions in Dougga is the six tiered mausoleum which is believed to date back to the second century BC.

Byrsa Hill
A visit to Tunisia isn’t the same without a stop at Byrsa Hill. This is an archaeological site of Carthage and was originally the military center of the area. It was destroyed in 146BC by the Romans who then rebuilt it with a selection of public buildings.

Wander around the ruins of this Punic city or head over to the Carthage National Museum. There is so much to experience and explore at Byrsa Hill.

El Jem
The main attraction at El Jem is the well preserved Roman amphitheater. The amphitheater bears resemblance to the Colosseum in Rome from the outside, but in much better condition. Inside you will find beautiful arches, walls and seatings which were constructed in 230AD. This amphitheater could welcome 35,000 spectators and is the largest in Northern Africa, making it one of the top historical sites of Tunisia.

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