Top Hints and Facts about Tunisian Travel

Tunisia is a popular holiday destination with thousands of travelers arriving each and every year. The magnificent sights, natural beauty and warm weather is the main attraction and the fact that Tunisia is affordable and regarded as the safest country in Africa.

As with any country you have to get through customs before being allowed to leave the airport and don’t be surprised if you are stopped at the Tunisian customs desk. The best way to handle the situation is to be patient, remain calm and let them do their job.

Knowing what you are allowed to bring with you into the country and sticking to the rules will ensure you get through quickly without any hassles. It’s important when leaving Tunisia that you know you are only allowed to take gifts and souvenirs to the value of one hundred Tunisian Dinar.

You can find bureau de change at all the international airports, major banks and top hotels. The currency in Tunisia is the Tunisian Dinar which is made up of milimes. There are notes and coins available to use during your stay. The major bureau de change will happily exchange traveler checks for you.

As with any form of travel a good travel insurance is advised. In the event of an accident or illness you’ll have peace of mind in knowing your medical will be taken care of.
Typhoid vaccinations are also suggested when visiting Tunisia to be on the safe side.

Female Travelers
Any women traveling to Tunisia need to be aware that this is an Islamic country so when you’re not at the beach or lying by the pool you need to dress modestly. It’s a good idea to pack light pants and long dresses that cover your shoulders and keep the shorts and vests for the beach.

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