Top 5 Tunisian Museums

Tunisia is a country filled with natural beauty and history, historical sites and well-preserved ruins are major tourist attractions. You can also view some of the superior historical artifacts at one of the many museums that Tunisia travel has to offer.

The Bardo Museum
The Bardo Museum located in Tunis is considered the richest museum due to it’s number of beautiful mosaics. This museum is set in an old palace which is filled with breath taking Roman mosaics. You can find anything here from prehistorical artifacts to statues and modern jewelery all set within a beautiful setting where you can also soak up some of the beautiful architecture as you wander through the museum.

Sousse Archaeological Museum
This museum located in Sousse is also home to a fantastic collection of mosaics, statues and even Punic funeral objects. The objects are all housed in rooms within a Kasbah courtyard. The museum is worth visiting if you want to soak up some of this areas history.

Carthage National Museum
Carthage is a very popular tourist destination in Tunisia and the Carthage National Museum is one of the main archaeological museums in Tunisia with a selection of Punic and Roman artifacts including marble and limestone carvings, jewelery and spectacular statues and so much more. Check out our Tunisia tour itineraries for more info

Sfax Archaeological Museum
This museum houses artifacts from throughout Tunisian history all collected from within the city and on the outskirts. Most of the artifacts you see here are from the Roman period and is set over two levels giving you more than enough time and space to really soak up the history of this area.

Bulla Regia Museum
The Bulla Regia Museum is not the biggest of museums but it is home to some amazing statues, stone carvings and more. Set in two rooms with the first housing all the Numidian kings items and the second is all the Roman artifacts. Well worth the visit.

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