Top 5 Best Day Trips near Bizerte, Tunisia

Almost directly north of Tunis are both the governance and the city of Bizerte. Bizerte is a hidden gem in Tunisia. It is full of adventure and a perfect destination for day trips, as it is only one hour from Tunis. It has attractions for the whole family to enjoy! Here are our top 5 day trips near Bizerte, Tunisia.

The beach is a perfect day trip activity
If you’re already in the area, why not take a part or full day to enjoy the beach?

Trips to the Beach

Bizerte’s coastline is full of amazing remote beaches. There are many beaches that could make this list – here’s just a sample. Any of these beaches would be the perfect day trip destination. 

Coco Beach (Ghar al Milh): Coco Beach is a beautiful sandy beach surrounded by crystal-clear water. Cabanas on a private beach are also available for rent. This is a perfect spot to rest, relax, and enjoy the beach.

Raf Raf: Raf Raf is a perfect city to spend a day outside in nature. There are options for hiking and relaxing on a beach. 

Pick out some fresh fish catch and have it cooked at a nearby restaurant for the full experience!

Rimel Beach (Menzel Jemil): This beach is literally translated as “sand beach.” The translation rings true. The coastline is wide and full of places for people to sit and enjoy the beach. During the right time of the year, Rimel Beach is the perfect place to snorkel and explore. 

Also, two abandoned ships are beached a short walk from the entrance. It’s quite an incredible site.

La Grotte (Bizerte): La Grotte is another beautiful beach at the base of a cliff within the city of Bizerte.  

Bizerte Old Port and Medina

Undoubtedly, any day trip near Bizerte must include a trip to the Old Port in the center of Bizerte. The port dates back to the 17th century. Guests can walk along the canal and enjoy the old architecture and vast arrays of colors along the buildings.

A stop at the port is essential for a day trip to Bizerte, Tunisia
What a beautiful little town!

Enjoy a cup of coffee, tea with pine nuts or almonds, or juice along the port. Along with your tea or juice, enjoy talecht, a date-filled pastry. Next to the port is the Medina or downtown Bizerte. Guests can walk through the market and see the different traditional pottery and other souvenirs.

And, if you get hungry, the old port has delicious dining options including fresh seafood. 

A Day of Waterfalls and Hiking

Inside the governance of Bizerte, close to the village of Oued Zitoun, there is a beautiful waterfall with a hiking trail. Ouden Zitoun is close to a two-hour drive from Tunis and an hour’s drive from the city of Bizerte – a perfect distance for a day trip.

A hike could be part of your day trip near Bizerte, Tunisia
One of Oued Zitoun’s waterfalls

Once at Oued Zitoun, there are two different trails to the waterfall. One trail is about 5 kilometers, which goes around the mountain. The other trail is shorter but more difficult. Both trails are beautiful and will lead to the base of the waterfall. Once at the base, you can enjoy a picnic lunch. For nature lovers, this is the perfect day trip for Bizerte, especially in the Spring.

Day Trips to Historical Sites

For history enthusiasts like us, there are two interesting historical sites in the governance of Bizerte. These sites would make perfect day trip destinations. One site is Utique, between Tunis and the city of Bizerte. Utique is home to ruins from the Punic, Roman, and Byzantine Empires.

We love to include Roman Ruins in our day trips!
We love to include a stop at Roman Ruins on our day trips!

In addition to the ruins, there is a museum that houses many artifacts found at the site stretching over centuries. In Raf Raf, there is a castle/sea fort dating back to the Ottoman Empire. Take a tour of the castle and enjoy an amazing view from the top of the fort. 

If you are looking for more historical sites in Tunisia to visit, you should view our Best of Tunisian History tour itinerary. Our travel experts specifically built that tour to get the most out of an 8-day trip to Tunisia.

Enjoy the Beauty of Tunisia’s North

Cap Angelo (the northernmost point of Africa) is a short but beautiful half-hour drive from the city of Bizerte. Along the way, guests will see rolling hills full of wheat and other crops. In the right season, many shades of green are on display.

Perhaps you should add a stop to this infamous point on your day trip near Bizerte, Tunisia?

Once you finally arrive at the coast, guests will be able to explore the beach, take pictures by the monument marking the location, and if the weather is right, go for a swim! For those who enjoy being outside and being in nature, Cap Angelo and the Northernmost Point is a perfect activity for a day trip to Bizerte. 

Plan Your Day Trip to Bizerte:

At Tunisia Tours, we offer custom tours full to fit your traveling needs and desires. Explore any of our Tunisian tours and consider adding an extra day to visit Bizerte. Contact one of our travel experts and we can help you dream and plan for your next adventure in Tunisia.

Matt Berry is our marketing intern and lives in Bizerte, Tunisia. Before moving to Tunisia, Matt studied history and enjoys writing, teaching, and exploring historical context.

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