Things to Explore in Sousse

Sousse is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Tunisia with spectacular coastlines and sandy beaches to be enjoyed. Tunisia enjoys a warm Mediterranean climate so having the beach with a host of water sports is a great way to spend any vacation.

Sousse has so much more to offer than beaches, coastline and water sports. This area is filled with culture, history and attractions which should be explored while in the area to enjoy the complete Tunisian experience.

There are believed to be around 15,000 burial chambers spanning over five kilometers in the catacombs. Joined by underground passages you can visit the catacombs which date back as far as the second century.

Ribat was a watch tower and this historical site is the oldest monument in Sousse. The tower dates back to 821AD and is located at the entrance to the Medina. It’s a very popular tourist attraction in Sousse.

The Medina is the old town and Sousse has a great Medina with a maze of narrow passages and covered alleys. It’s here where you will find the traditional market, called the souk. The souks are colorful and vibrant shopping experiences with stalls selling a host of traditional items and fun stall owners who are ready to barter, making your shopping experience so much fun.

Port El Kantaoui
Port El Kantaoui is a very busy tourist area not far from Sousse. This is the area filled with great shopping opportunities, beaches, beach resorts, a zoo and a water park. If you’re looking to take a break from Sousse and go for a fun day out you can get to Port El Kantaoui with ease.

Whenever you’re in Sousse you won’t be disappointed by walking through the area and seeing all the historical and cultural experiences this area has to offer, a welcome break from the beach and watersports.

Let us customize the perfect Tunisian experience for you, including a visit to the amazing town of Sousse!

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