dougga amphitheater

Things to Experience in Tunisia in August

Tunisia is a beautiful North African country, brimming with culture, history, traditions and natural beauty. The month of August welcomes a number of fantastic festivals throughout Tunisia, each one dedicated to art, culture and tradition.

If you are lucky enough to visit Tunisia in August, you may want to visit some or all of the festivals taking place around the country which are definitely worth experiencing.

International Festival of Bizerte

This International Festival of Bizerte runs for four weeks during July and August. The festival is dedicated to tradition and heritage with a number of performances and experiences. Enjoy traditional music, try some Tunisian cuisine, soak up some culture and sit in on some of the seminars that take place over the festival period.

International Festival of Dougga

This festival also runs during July and August this year. Dougga is a beautiful area brimming with Roman ruins and one of the top tourist attractions in Tunisia. During the festival they make use of the ancient theater in this Roman city. Musicians and performers take to the stage to delight audiences for a few weeks.

dougga amphitheater
Amphitheater in Dougga

Carthage Festival

The Carthage Festival takes place in August and promises to be an event you will not forget. This art and cultural event welcomes performers from around the world. A great way to spend your time in Tunisia, soaking up the rich history of Carthage with the culture and traditions offered by the festival.

International Festival of Sousse

This six week festival runs during July and August in the historical area of Sousse in Tunisia. Over the six weeks you can enjoy a number of art exhibitions and performances by local and international artists. This festival ends with a huge float parade which takes to the streets. In fact it’s the largest float parade in Africa and definitely worth experiencing.

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