Things to do in Hammamet

The majority of tourist who visit the North African country of Tunisia, head to Hammamet. This area is known as the Saint Tropez of Tunisia and is the most popular beach resort area in the country. You may want to consider Hammamet on your next tour to Tunisia.

Hammamet is renowned for it’s magnificent beaches from stretches of public sandy shores to the private hotel beaches, there is a place to relax, soak up the sun and spend some fun family time together as the waves lap against the sandy shores.

Water sports are very popular here and you can enjoy a host of water activities from windsurfing to jet skiing, water skiing and even scuba diving. If you want to scuba dive you will need to arrange it through your hotel who will take you out in a controlled group environment. Otherwise pop on some goggles and a snorkel and go experience the underwater world of Hammamet for yourself.

You don’t have to spend every minute in Hammamet on the spectacular beaches, though it may be difficult to drag yourself away from the sandy shores. The area has a fantastic Medina, which is a traditional market. The Medina here includes the Folklore Museum and you can wander through the bustling souks.

Carthageland is located in Yasmine Hammamet and if you are looking for a way to keep the children occupied, this theme park is a must to visit. Complete with safe beaches and rides, children will love what this theme park has to offer. It’s a nice break away from the sightseeing and beaches.

A short drive from Hammamet is where you will find Nabeul which is renowned for it’s pottery or head to Tunis, the capital of Tunisia to get some shopping done and visit the famous sites this city has to offer.

While most people head to Hammamet to lie in the sun, there is so much more to experience when you need a break from lying on the beaches.

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