The Top Hidden Sights of Tunisia

Tunisia is alive with beauty, history and culture. You will visit Tunis, the capital and you will visit all the sights where you can see and explore the well-preserved ruins, but there are some hidden gems in Tunisia, those slightly off the beaten track that are not as popular with tourists, but are just as beautiful and interesting. You might want to add some of these on your tour to Tunisia.

Chemtou is an ancient sight in northern Tunisia close to the Algeria border. This was an important area for its marble quarries. Today there are some well-preserved ruins to explore and the Chemtou Museum which holds the history of the area for you to see and experience.

Beni M’Tir
Beni M’Tir is a small town in the Khourmine Mountains. It’s a beautiful town that doesn’t look as though it belongs in Tunisia. It’s spectacular and well worth a visit.

Takrouna is a Berber village set on a hill with panoramic views. Set in the Dorsal Mountains this hidden gem offers beauty and an experience to be remembered for many years.

Maktar is a Roman site just south of Tunis, this is set on a hill and is where you can see the ancient Trojan’s Arch, the Roman baths and even a recreational club. Get to walk around the area and get a true feel of what it must have been like living all those centuries ago.

Zaghouan was a very important town which supplied water to Carthage in the Roman times. Today there is a mosque, which is an architectural masterpiece, there is a water temple and the narrow streets are lined with stalls where you can buy a selection of Tunisian traditional items and foods. This is also a very popular area for hiking as it’s set on the mountainside.

Of course you will want to visit all the tourist sights of Tunisia, those that have made this country so popular, but when given the opportunity take a sneaky peek at the hidden gems, they are well worth the visit.

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