The Top Five Tunisian Sights

Tunisia located in North Africa is a country that is oozing with history, magnificent landscapes and delightful villages. Throughout Tunisia you can stumble across Roman ruins, museums and picturesque seaside villages that will take your breath away.

There are give Tunisian sights which I consider the best and a must to see if you are heading to Tunisia for a vacation.

The Medina in Tunis
Tunis is the capital of Tunisia and it is here you will find the old town, also known as the Medina. You find a Medina in just about every major city and town in Tunisia, but the one in Tunis is the most impressive. From the bustling traditional markets called souks to the spectacular architecture, there is something to see and explore when wandering along the narrow passages of the Medina.

Bardo Museum
The Bardo Museum is one of the most impressive museums in the whole of Tunisia. This is where you can see the beautiful Roman mosaics which have been collected from around the country. There is a wide selection of sculptures and marble columns dating back centuries and is an experience you don’t want to miss.

Sidi Bou Said
When it comes to beauty, a visit to the village of Sidi Bou Said is a must. As you arrive in this picturesque village you will think you just arrived in Greece with all the buildings in white with bright blue doors and windows. There are a number of souvenir shops in the area and the best way to experience this village is on foot.

El Djem
If you want to experience Roman ruins, then El Djem is the one to visit. This amphitheater is better preserved than the Colosseum in Rome. It used to hold around 30,000 spectators and stands three stories high, the majority of the walls still stand complete today. Wander through the underground tunnels and see the dungeons where the gladiators would prepare themselves before heading into the center of the Amphitheater. There is also a museum to visit which houses a wide selection of Roman mosaics.

Another of the well-preserved Roman sites which shouldn’t be left off your itinerary is Dougga. This is considered one of the best Roman sites in the whole of Tunisia. There are many buildings to explore including a Mausoleum, Temple and Theater.

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