The Top Five Places to Visit in Tunisia

Tunisia is a country filled with fantastic sites, spectacular towns and cities and amazing natural landscapes. While there is just so much to do and see when visiting this North African country, there are some experiences that should not be crossed off your itinerary.

Matmata is probably one of the most interesting Berber villages you can visit in Tunisia and for Star Wars fans it’s an absolute delight. Matmata is made of homes built into the ground and home of Luke Skywalker’s house in the films. You can actually visit his home which is now a hotel though they have kept all the memorabilia on display.

El Djem
El Djem is a spectacular Roman amphitheater which used to house over thirty thousand spectators. This ruin is so well-preserved it is more impressive than the Coliseum in Italy.

Tunis Medina
You will find a Medina in every city. This is the old town and is normally surrounded by walls. The Medina of Tunis is impressive as you make your way through the narrow passageways you can see spectacular architecture and impressive sights such as the Zitoune Mosque. Be sure to stop at the souk (traditional market) to buy your souvenirs and gifts.

Dougga is another of the Roman cities where the ruins have been well-preserved giving you an opportunity to step back in time and soak up the history of the areas past. You can explore the remains of the theaters, basilicas and visit the mausoleum.

Sidi Bou Said
Sidi Bou Said is one of the prettiest and most panoramic towns in Tunisia, this town overlooks the marina and all the buildings are white washed with bright blue windows and doors, you would think you had just walked into a Greek town. This is a very arty area with plenty of souvenir shops, cafes and galleries to explore.

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