The Top 8 Sites of Tunisia

Choosing the top eight sites in Tunisia wasn’t an easy task. Tunisia is filled with beauty, history and culture and offers the visitor so much to do and see from some of the most spectacular Roman ruins to some of the most beautiful and pristine beaches.

The best way to visit Tunisia is with a private tour where you can be guided to some of the top sites, get to explore some of the true history of the area and soak up the culture without missing anything of importance.

Sahara Desert
The Sahara Desert is a top destination in Tunisia and a must to see when in the area, you can explore the desert on a camel, try trekking across the golden dunes and seeing the most beautiful stretch of landscape.

Matmata is a Berber village where the houses were all built underground, explore these homes which are interesting and unique. This is also where you will find Luke Skywalkers house from the Star Wars films, today it’s a hotel but many of the sets are still in place for you to see.

El Djem
El Djem is an outstanding Roman amphitheater which held over 30,000 spectators. The amphitheater is well preserved and you will be amazed at the scale of this very impressive structure. You can also explore below the amphitheater where you can see the tunnels and dungeons. Be sure to stop at the museum which houses fantastic mosaics and artifacts.

Kairouan is an Islamic holy city and a UNESCO World Heritage Site where you can visit the Great Mosque, one of the oldest and largest in Tunisia. There is also a Medina to be explored with a bustling souk where you can buy a host of traditional items.

The Bardo Museum
The Bardo Museum is found in Tunis and is considered the finest museum in Northern Africa with a large selection of mosaics dating back to the second century AD.

This is one of the top Roman sites you’ll want to visit while in Tunisia complete with theaters, mausoleums and basilica’s. Offering you a chance to soak up the history of the areas, step back in time and get a feel of what this area must have been like all those centuries ago.

Tunis Medina
The Medina in Tunis is walled and one of the most amazing Medina’s you will visit. This old town is home to busy souks, monuments including the Zitouna mosque and a choice of top museums.

Sidi Bou Said
If you want to visit a picturesque village which is a popular artist area then Sidi Bou Said is the place to go. This delightful village has white washed buildings all with blue doors and windows and is filled with souvenir shops and a choice of great sites and shops to be explored.

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