The Souks of Tunisia

A Different Shopping Experience

When you arrive in Tunisia your breath will be taken away as you gaze upon a thriving city with rich natural beauty on it’s doorstep. Whether you have chosen a tour operator that will take you around all the spectacular sights of Tunisia or whether you have booked your family into a beach side resort, visiting one of the many souks is a must when holidaying in this North African country.

The souks are housed in the Medinas (the Old Towns). Souks are traditional markets which are alive with bright colors, people and wonderful aromas. The larger cities such as Tunis, Sousse, Kairouan and Sfax all have Medinas that house souks.

Be prepared when you enter the souk for the first time, this is a very different shopping experience to what you are used to. The souks are set along the narrow passages and covered alleys with a large selection of stalls selling a choice of traditional Tunisian items.

You can purchase anything from the souks from copper to pottery, jewelery to clothing, carpets to leather goods. The perfect place if you are looking for souvenirs to take home or gifts for friends.

Remember when you walk into the souks to have your bartering hat on. Don’t get taken back by the hustle and bustle of the market, the electrifying atmosphere, the bright colors and amazing smells. The stall owners expect you to barter with them, so it is not an insult to negotiate on price.

Overall visiting a souk in Tunisia is a once in a lifetime experience and so different from any market you visit back home. It’s alive, it’s thriving and most of all it’s fascinating. I could sit in the souk all day and watch as the stall owners barter, the visitors wander through the passages and the colors brighten up the ancient Medina.

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