The Hard To Reach Gems of Tunisia

Tunisia is a popular tourist destination due to its wonderfully warm climate, historical charm and natural beauty. From the numerous UNESCO World Heritage Sites to the stretches of golden beach, Tunisia always has something to delight the whole family.

The great thing about touring Tunisia is all the hidden gems you find along the way, there are so many beautiful villages and spectacular sights which are hard to reach, off the beaten track if you will, these places are stunning, offer great insight into the area and in some cases offer the most breath taking views and scenery.

Chemtou is north west of Tunis and is an ancient site close to the Algerian border. This area is famous for it’s marble quarries. You can hope to find precious stones as you wander through the excavation site and stop in at the Chemtou Museum which houses the artifacts already found on the site, including a tiara which is believed to belong to royal family.

Beni M’Tir
Beni M’Tir is a mountain village which offers a stunning market square and plenty of houses and areas to explore. It’s unique location makes this attraction very difficult to access without a knowledgeable tour guide who can get you there with ease.

Takrouna is another village located in the Dorsale Mountains. This Berber village offers spectacular Mediterranean Sea views where you can experience some of the most amazing sunsets. Again it’s a hidden gem, but once you arrive you can enjoy a meal in one of the restaurants or buy souvenirs for home at one of the gift shops.

If you choose a private tour where you can take your time to explore these hidden spaces of Tunisia, you can get to enjoy the entire Tunisian experience. Many tourists aren’t aware of these spectacular places and stay in the cities and towns.

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