The Dining Opportunities in Tunisia

When you visit Tunisia you’ll want to try some of the traditional dishes, don’t worry there are plenty of European restaurants to choose from as well including American grills and Italian restaurants, but you want to try a few of the delicious culinary delights of the area when staying in Tunisia.

Tunisia offers you an opportunity to make your taste buds dance. The dishes are flavorful and can be very spicy, the food here all has a Mediterranean twist. Harissa is a popular ingredient in many of the dishes, this is a hot red chilli and garlic mix combined with olive oil, coriander and cumin. You’ll also find a lot of vegetables, fish and chicken in the meals, though game, beef, veal and lamb is also used regularly. Remember that Tunisia is an Islamic area so you won’t find pork in any of the meals prepared for you.

Couscous is also a very important ingredient and a staple here.

Dar Bel Hadj
This is a traditional restaurant in Tunis, the capital of Tunisia. The restaurant is set in a seventeenth century manor house and offers dishes that will delight all taste buds. The grouper kebabs are a top choice.

Dar El Jeld
This is another restaurant found in Tunis. The restaurant is delightfully renovated with plenty of alcoves, so you can enjoy a relaxing and private dining experience. They offer a host of traditional dishes with kabkabou being the favorite, this is a fish, tomato and caper dish.

Tej el Khayem
Tej el Khayem is found in Douz and offers traditional meals for you to try and experience. Koucha is the top favorite at this traditional restaurant. Koucha is a shoulder of lamb that is cooked with cayenne pepper and turmeric.

Restaurant le Soleil
If you want to try something very different and probably something you will not get the opportunity to try again until you’re back in Tunisia, then this restaurant in Tozeur is where you need to try. This restaurant offers the firm favorites that we know so well including sandwiches and pizzas, but it’s the camel steaks that make this restaurant such a popular choice when in the area.

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