The Best Tunisian Beaches

Tunisia in North Africa is located on the Mediterranean Sea offering some of the most beautiful beaches for visitors to enjoy and explore. From the quiet beaches to the beach resorts, there is so many spectacular beaches to see when traveling to Tunisia.

Due to the warm climate of Tunisia, the beach is one of the favored things to do when in the area. After days of sightseeing and exploring historical sights, it’s nice to just sit down and relax on the sandy shores and watch the waves crash on the beach.

Here are some of the beaches you should visit when in Tunisia.

La Goulette
La Goulette is a beautiful seaside town which has a large golden beach which is perfect for quiet walk along the waters edge or just to spend time in the fresh air. The beach is accessible through a large white arched structure which is a masterpiece on it’s own. The area is filled with fantastic cafes, friendly locals and a busy harbor, which are all waiting to be explored when you visit Tunisia.

Monastir is a modern city rich in history. While you can spend your time soaking up the history and culture in the area you can also soak up some of the warm sun’s rays on the beautiful beach. After a day at the beach be sure to stop at the Ribat, where “The Life of Brian” was filmed.

Rosa Beach is the most popular of the beaches in the city complete with sandy shores and crystal blue waters.

Djerba is an island just off the Tunisian coast which is over 2,000 years old. The island has spectacular beaches offering some of the most outstanding sunsets you will ever experience. There is plenty to do on the island if you don’t want to just lie on the beach all day and is a must to see when visiting Tunisia.

Chott Meriem
Chott Meriem is located close to Kantaoui and has a superior beach complete with wonderful palm trees. This area is growing in size with a host of apartments and homes being built along the beach front.

Whether you intend lying on the beach or just building sand castles, you will love the size and space this beach offers.

Raf Raf Beach
Raf Raf Beach is one of the favored beaches in Tunisia. The white sandy beach is surrounded by field and forest. The majestic beauty of the beach combined with great walking opportunities and spectacular landscapes makes this a must to see.

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