The Best Tunisia Has To Offer

Tunisia is a popular tourist destination, set in Northern Africa with picturesque towns, stunning beaches and of course the famous Sahara Desert. Tunisia has so much to offer holiday makers throughout the year.

The Sahara Desert
The Sahara Desert makes up a large portion of Tunisia and is where holidaymakers can experience stunning villages and the ability to explore the desert on a camel. This is an experience you will never forget as you tour the golden dunes and soak up the magnificent beauty of the area.

Cap Bon Peninsula
Set along the Mediterranean coastline, Tunisia offers some of the most beautiful villages and towns including the Cap Bon Peninsula. It is here where you can explore the forts, quarries, Punic ruins and enjoy the spectacular sandy beaches.

This island is very popular with tourists from around the world with its choice of beaches, shopping opportunities, markets and choice of white washed villages. There are a number of spectacular beach resorts offering a host of fun water sports to enjoy during your stay.

El Djem
Thus UNESCO world heritage site is an absolute must to visit when staying in Tunisia. Dating back to the third century, these ruins overshadow the colosseum in Rome. Back in the day El Djem could house 35,000 spectators who would arrive to watch the sporting events.

This Berber village is very famous as the set of the Star Wars movie. The village dates back over 1000 years old and the highlight is the hotel which was used as Luke Skywalkers home in the film.

Sidi Bou Said
If you want to visit one of the most picturesque villages in Tunisia thing you have to stop at Sidi Bou Said. This village is filled with white houses with bright blue windows and doors overlooking the Mediterranean Ocean. The village is complete with cobblestoned alleys and a stunning beach.

Tunis, the capital of Tunisia is home to the most magnificent Medina. Explore the alleys and narrow passages, shop at the busy traditional markets and enjoy a truly remarkable Tunisian experience.

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