The Best National Parks in Tunisia

Tunisia is alive with natural beauty, spectacular historical sights, culture, history and national parks. The national parks are a great outdoor adventure for anyone holidaying in Tunisia whether you’re looking to hike the many trails or you are just looking for a relaxing afternoon of bird watching.

Boukornine National Park
Boukornine National Park is only fifteen kilometers away from Tunis and offers 1,939 hectares of flowers, animals and hiking opportunities. You can easily spend the day here exploring this vast landscape with picture perfect moments.

Bou Hedma National Park
Bou Hedma National Park is located eighty five kilometers from Gafsa in the Atlas Mountains. This national park is brimming with forests, endangered species and a host of wildlife. Whether you’re looking to relax with a leisurely walk or you’re looking to spot some animals, this park has it all.

Chaambi National Park
The Chaambi National Park covers the Jebel Chaambi, the highest peak in Tunisia. For those looking to spot some wildlife, this is the park to visit where you can see the gazelles or spot an eagle or two.

Feija National Park
This Tunisian national park is twenty kilometers from Chardiamao and has 2,600 hectares of oak forest with a wide selection of wildlife to be seen. You can go hiking, enjoy a picnic or just have some outdoor fun seeing the wildlife in this large and magnificent park area.

Ichkeul National Park
Ichkeul National Park is one of the most popular national parks in Tunisia and also a heritage listed park. Only thirty kilometers from Bizerte, this park is a bird sanctuary and popular with bird watchers from around the globe.

If you’re looking for a day experience away from the historical sights and beaches, then a national park may be the seclusion, relaxation and beauty you are looking for. Contact us and we can arrange your visit to these amazing national parks!

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