The Beautiful Coastal Town of Tabarka

Tabarka is situated in the north west of Tunisia set between the mountains and the Mediterranean Sea only a few kilometers from Algeria. This town is a famous destination for coral fishing and jazz festivals and it hosts a choice of outdoor activities and sights to delight all travelers visiting Tunisia.

The first thing that you will notice about Tabarka is the beautiful stretches of beach on the Mediterranean coast. Here there is sunbathing, games and water sports including surfing, kite surfing and scuba diving. In fact Tabarka was the first Tunisian area to offer scuba diving to tourists and with such beautiful reefs it is a great hit.

There is also a working port to be explored, you can wander around the port, see the fishing boats come in and just enjoy the beauty of the area.

The “needles” are a top attraction in the area, these rock formations caused by erosion stand high and are simply amazing to see offering great photographic opportunities.

On the water’s edge is where you will find the newly built amphitheater which is popular for the jazz festivals which are hosted there. The views from the amphitheater are simple breathtaking.

Take a walk up the hill, you can drive if you prefer to the Genoese Fort, this Tabarka castle offers some of the most spectacular and picturesque views of the ocean and the town, giving you a birds eye view of Tabarka and it’s beauty.

For those looking for some relaxation there is an eighteen hole golf course where you can enjoy a round or two of golf while staying in the area.

Tabarka is definitely a top choice for those looking to enjoy the warmer weather and do a host of outdoor activities, set on the mountainside there are plenty of hiking opportunities to do, just to add more things to do in Tabarka while you are touring Tunisia.

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