Take a Ride in Tunisia

When you think of Tunisia you think of a warm climate, huge sandy desert and plenty of well-preserved ruins, while this is true there is no reason you cannot try different things, get away from the taxi or public bus and try a different mode of transportation while you soak up the sights of this beautiful North African country. Here are some fun modes of transportation while on your Tunisia tour.

Dotto Train
If you’re heading to Port El Kantaoui you really should take a ride of the Dotto Train, a small blue train that looks as though it came out of a children’s story book. The train will take you from Port El Kanaoui to Sousse along the road, this train doesn’t use tracks. It is a completely unique experience, a different way to travel while in Tunisia and a chance to soak up the sights as you go.

Red Lizard Train
The Red Lizard Train is a famous train known for being used in an Indian Jones film where he fought on top of it. Today this train will transport you from Metlaoui to Redafet all the way through the rocky desert, it is a sight to see and a different experience while holidaying in Tunisia.

Enjoy a Horse and Cart Ride
You’d expect to see a horse and cart in New York, but not in the heart of Tunisia. There are horses with their brightly decorated carts in Sousse and are a great way to explore Sousse, you will also find horse and carts in Tozeur, the Tunisian oasis, but these are used as a mode of transport, so while they are exciting and different, they are not beautifully decorated, but still give you that chance to explore the area and soak up the beauty as the horse pulls you along.

Camel Riding
Visiting the famous Sahara Desert is usually done two ways, either on the back of a camel or in a four by four vehicle. You can drive a vehicle at any time, but a camel ride is definitely a once in a lifetime opportunity.

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