Stunning Medinas in Tunisia

What are Medinas?

Medinas in Tunisia can be found in almost every city and town in the country. A medina is the older part of the city which you can often spot from a distance. This old town is usually surrounded by high walls and offers a touch of history and culture.

Medina of Tunis

Tunis, the capital of the country, probably has the largest medina in Tunisia. The Tunis Medina spans over 270 hectares and is home to over seven hundred monuments, including the spectacular Zitouna Mosque.

Once you enter the gates of the Tunis Medina you will be welcomed by narrow roads that wind through the charming old town, passing historical monuments and traditional architecture. Inside the Medina, you will find the traditional markets, or souks. This is a fabulous place to hunt for the perfect souvenir.

Souvenirs at the Tunis Medina
Souvenirs at the Tunis Medina

Medina of Hammamet

Hammamet is a very popular tourist city in Tunisia. While the city is home to spectacular beaches, it is also home to a beautiful medina. The Medina in Hammamet is small, sitting right next to the sandy beach. You can shop for traditional Tunisian items in the midst of the historical buildings that neighbor the souks, including an old fort.

Medina of Kairouan

Kairouan is another top tourist destination in Tunisia, steeped in history and filled with culture and tradition. The medina here isn’t the largest; but surrounded by high walls, gates and arches, it is a magnificent experience. The Medina of Kairouan offers monuments, mosques and a delightful and colorful souk selling a range of traditional items, including carpets, jewelry and more.

Traditional Carpets at Kairouan Medina
Traditional Carpets at Kairouan Medina

Medina of Sousse

The Medina of Sousse is a UNESCO World Heritage Site filled with a selection of historical and religious monuments. You can visit the old monastery and the Kasbah which sits right at the top of the Medina, offering spectacular views. The winding narrow passages lead you to the souk where you will find host of items to buy and take home with you as a keepsake.

Other Medinas in Tunisia

Other medinas worth mentioning include Monastir, brimming with cobbled streets, and Sfax, which is home to a great mosque and its own bustling souk.

Medinas in Tunisia - Sfax Medina
Medinas in Tunisia - Sfax Medina

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