Spectacular Tamerza, a Tunisian Highlight

Tamerza is a most spectacular mountainous area in Tunisia rich in magnificent gorges, quaint old towns and spectacular architectural delights.

Tamerza has been a popular tourist destination for those who enjoy hiking and rock climbing for many years. The stunning cliffs combined with the wonderful warm Tunisian weather is a recipe for the perfect outdoor adventure.

Each year around April and May there is the Tamerza Festival which is a fun and festive Berber festival which is enjoyed by many holiday makers and an experience to remember.

Throughout the year people visit Tamerza where they can explore the ruins of the abandoned homes which were left after the 1969 floods. It rained constantly for twenty two days forcing residents to leave their homes and head for drier ground. The ruins are well preserved and well worth a visit. You can enjoy a walk to the ruins, enjoy the spectacular scenery and soak up some of the area’s history.

Six kilometers from Tamerza is where you can find Mides, which is a three kilometer gorge brimming with natural beauty with white houses dotted along the hillside. Enjoy walking and hiking in the area and visit the homes of the locals who are welcoming.

Chebika is another popular mountainous area not far from Tamerza which is very popular with hiking.

The great thing about Tunisia is their wonderfully warm climate which means that walking, hiking and rock climbing can be enjoyed throughout the year making this a firm favorite destination for outdoor adventure seekers.

Whether you want to spend your afternoon enjoying a leisurely walk and taking photographs of the magnificent surrounding or if you prefer to climb the steep rock faces, Tamerza is the place to be.

An abundance of natural beauty, panoramic views and picture perfect moments are just some of the things you can expect to experience in Tunisia’s Tamerza area.

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