Some Fun and Interesting Facts About Tunisia

Tunisia located in North Africa is a favoured tourist attraction that welcomes holiday makers from around the world. What makes Tunisia so popular? It may be the stretches of Mediterranean Coastline or the selection of well-preserved Roman ruins, the ability to ride camels into the Sahara Desert or go hiking in the mountains. Here are some interesting facts about Tunisia that you probably do not know!

Interesting Facts About Tunisia

  • Tunisia is officially known as the Tunisian Republic with Tunis as the capital. In fact more than a quarter of the total Tunisian population live in Tunis.
  • Tunisia is the most northern country in the whole of Africa with strong trade ties to Europe.
  • The estimated population of this beautiful country is over ten million.
  • Ninety eight percent of the population are Arab-Berber with a small percentage being European, mostly from Italy and France with some Jewish residents.
  • The highest point in Tunisia is Jebel ech Chambi which stretches 1,544m.
  • This country is home to thousands of kilometers of magnificent Mediterranean coastline, one of the many tourist attractions combined with the wonderful warm climate.
  • Tunisia became independent in 1956.
  • The official language is Arabic, though many people also speak French. The main religion is Muslim. Bear this in mind when packing for your vacation, modest clothing is necessary to respect their religion when in the towns and cities.
  • Kairouan is the fourth most important city in the Muslim world after Mecca.
  • The country has only ever had two presidents.
  • This country is known for it’s Roman archaeological sites with Carthage being the most popular among tourists.
  • Tunis is the only Tunisian area that enjoys the benefit of a tube service, the others rely on coach, public bus and taxi services.
  • Kebili has evidence of stone age settlers.


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