A Guide to Visiting Sbeitla

Tunisia is famous for its historical sites and ruins, which is why Sbeitla is such a top choice for anyone visiting this North African country. Located in central Tunisia, Sbeitla offers a number of well-preserved Roman ruins that can take you back in time.

Sbeitla is just one of the many areas within Northern Africa where you can visit well-preserved Roman ruins and have the opportunity to imagine what it must have been like living there all those many centuries ago.

Olive Press Ruins at Sbeitla
Olive Press Ruins at Sbeitla

Things to See

Roman Forum

The Forum is probably one of the most impressive sights in Sbeitla. You make your way to the Forum past the Arch of Antonium Pius, which is one of the finest arches in the whole of Tunisia. The Forum itself offers three temples just waiting to be explored.

Roman Temples

The first of the temples is the Temple of Minerva and is probably the best preserved of the three temples in the Forum. Temple of Jupiter is the biggest and is nestled between the other two temples. The only way to access the Temple of Jupiter is through and underground passage which leads from the other two temples. It’s very interesting and well worth the visit.

The Temple of Juno is also very impressive, but this temple faced the most hardship over the years and is more in ruins than the other two temples.

Great Baths

Besides the temples, you need to visit the great baths which are connected to what used to be a sporting site.


You will also want to visit the theater which has been preserved in good condition and you can actually sit down and imagine what you would have been watching back in the Roman times.

Basilicas (Churches)

There are also a number of basilicas (churches) to discover including a baptistery.

Olive Press

Don’t miss out on seeing the olive press as you make your way through what must have been a busy town back in its day.

Visit Sbeitla

Many of our Tunisia tour itineraries include a visit to the archaeological site of Sbeitla. You can also contact our Tunisia Travel Experts and they will get back to you within 24 hours to start planning a private tour which includes a visit to experience the rich history in Sbeitla.

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