Romantic Things To Do In and Around Tunis

Tunisia has become a favored tourist destination for honeymooners and those looking for a romantic break in a warm climate and surrounded by an abundance of natural beauty. Tunis, the capital of Tunisia, is filled with a great selection of romantic places to explore and visit while staying here.

The Medina
Take a leisurely wander around the Tunis Medina, the old town, filled with narrow passages and oozing with history. There are over seven hundred historical sites to explore including beautiful castles and spectacular mosques. Stop at the souk, the traditional market place, where you can buy a host of great items from carpets to traditional jewelry and more.

Parc du Belvedere
This two hundred and sixty hectare park is set in the heart of Tunis with a beautiful and relaxing duck pond and plenty of shade offered by the wide number of trees that cover the area. Stop in at the tranquil cafe and enjoy the spectacular and romantic view of the duck pond.

Parc National du Jebel Bou Korinine
For those that enjoy outdoor adventure you should visit the Jebel Bou Korinine peaks which stand over five hundred meters above sea level offering panoramic views of Tunis Bay. Only eighteen kilometers from Tunis, the peaks are filled with animals, hiking trails, caves and a great restaurant.

Explore the history of this Tunis suburb with it’s ancient roman ruins and mosaics – Carthage!. This is a very popular tourist destination and gives you an opportunity to soak up the history of the area from so many centuries ago.

Sidi Bou Said
Only twenty kilometers from Tunis you will find Sidi Bou Said and when you arrive you will think you have just arrived in a Greek village. The buildings are all white washed with bright blue doors and windows and being set on a hill there are spectacular views of the port where you can see the boats bobbing in the water below.

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