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When Planning a Vacation to Tunisia

Are you thinking of heading to the warm glow of Tunisia set in Northern Africa? Have you got ideas of what you want to see and do from lying on the white beaches to riding camels in the Sahara Desert?

There are some tips that can help you prepare for your Tunisia holiday and ensure your vacation is one to remember.

Passports and Visas
Most countries including the UK, USA and Canada do not require a visa to enter Tunisia. All you need is a minimum of six months remaining on your passport, a visa will be stamped on arrival allowing you to remain in the country for three months.

Of course whether you intend traveling Tunisia on your own or taking a private tour which ensures you get to see all the sights and stay in the top hotels, you need good travel insurance. You never know when you will fall ill or injure yourself and travel insurance is the best way to ensure your health is taken care of while exploring all Tunisia has to offer.

Keep bottled water with you at all times, Tunisia can get very hot, especially when exploring the golden dunes of the Sahara, don’t drink the tap water, stay to bottled water.

Tunisia is disease free which is a bonus so you don’t have to worry about getting all your vaccinations before you leave home. Though a tetanus injection is always a good idea just in case you happen to injure yourself while on holiday.

Crime and Women Travelers
Crime is very rare in Tunisia though there is always petty crime taking place. Wear a bag that you can hold close to you when wandering the Medina s to reduce the risk of being pick pocketed, if you take an evening stroll stay in lit areas.

The Tunisian Dinar cannot be bought outside Tunisia and it can’t be taken out of the country. Lucky enough all the major hotels have ATM machines and debit and credit cards are widely accepted at the majority of hotels. There are plenty of places to exchange your money for Dinar, there is currency exchange at all the major airports and you can change your money as you leave to ensure you don’t taken the Dinar out with you.

When to Travel
As you probably know Tunisia experiences really hot summers with July to August being the heat of the year. If you want to explore the Sahara and don’t intend spending every day lying in the pool or soaking up the sun on the beach, May to June is an enjoyable time of year, the sun shines, the nights are slightly cooler and the beaches aren’t packed to capacity.

Hopefully this travel information is useful on your Tunisia Tour.

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