Oudna – One of Tunisia’s Hidden Gems

There is something about Tunisia, maybe it’s the natural beauty that envelopes this North African country or maybe it’s the number of spectacular and well-preserved ruins that it has to offer.

Some areas of Tunisia are only accessible by car, this means that they are not over-run by tourists, so many people don’t know about them and one of these places is Oudna. If you’re heading to Carthage for the day, be sure to stop by Oudna, you will not be disappointed.

Oudna was a Roman settlement, better known as Uthina. Access from Carthage is by vehicle and this was also an airbase in the second world war.

When you arrive in Oudna the one thing that will stand out is the magnificent amphitheater which is partly carved into the hillside. The amphitheater used to seat up to sixteen thousand spectators and is an impressive sight to see.

Other amazing ruins include the forum with it’s beautiful mosaics. There are also temples, vaults and bath houses scattered around this ancient city.

Wandering around Oudna will give you a true sense of what it must have been like living in Tunisia all those centuries ago. While excavation work is still being carried out, there are many of the ruins, cisterns and temples that you can visit and experience for yourself.

Be sure to wander around the amphitheater and get a sense of the true volume of the space, the magnificent architecture and how well-preserved this historical building is. Walk through the buildings, soak up the history and enjoy the panoramic views from the hillside behind the amphitheater.

After wandering around Oudna, you can make your way to Carthage which is one of the popular tourist attractions with the most impressive aqueduct. Visiting Oudna when in Tunisia is visiting one of the many hidden gems this country has on offer.

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