Museums of Tunisia

Tunisia located in the north of Africa is a country with a varied landscape from the stunning beaches of the Mediterranean to the sandy wind swept dunes of the Sahara Desert.

This is an area rich is history and customs. Today there are a selection of museums open showcasing their heritage and enabling travellers to soak up some of the culture of the country. You might want to consider visiting some of these on your tour to Tunisia!

Sidi Zitouni Art and Traditions Museum
This museums is located just outside Houmt Souk and offers a collection of Muslim and Jewish dresses and jewels. There is also a dedicated potter’s workshop and guarantees any visitor an interesting experience.

Museum of Traditional Inheritance
The Tunisian people are very proud of their inheritance and this museum located in the heart of Medina showcases costumes, jewelry, furniture and domestic objects dating back thousands of years.

Carthage National Museum
The Carthage National Museum is located on Byrsa Hill with a superb collection of sculptures, ceramics, inscriptions and mosaics laid out in various showrooms in the museum. There are also three libraries dedicated to Carthage, a museum worth visiting if you are in the area.

National Bardo Museum
The National Bardo Museum was created in 1882 and is set in a beautiful old palace set between the cities of Ariana and Manouba. This is considered the richest museum in the world and is filled with Roman Mosaics. You can also visit the beautifully manicured gardens of the old palace and enjoy some leisurely walks among the picturesque landscaped lawns.

Ceramic Museum
The Ceramic Museum is actually a mausoleum of Sidi Kacem Jellizi who was a ceramic square manufacturer. The museum opened its doors in 1981 and shows some of the most amazing ceramic collections.

Most of these museums are open each day with many of them offering free entry enabling tourists to enjoy some of the Tunisian proud heritage.

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