Main Attractions to Experience in Tunisia

Tunisia is an area in North Africa that is filled with historical sites. The surroundings are alive with natural beauty, long stretches of sandy shoreline and sparkling oceans. Some of the top attractions you might want to consider visiting on your authentic tunisia tour are:

Bulla Regia
This is a city in the North West of Tunisia close to Jendouba. A roman city filled with ruins including residential villas, temples, baths and a host of religious buildings all dating back to the Hadrianic period.

Cap Bon
Cap Bon is located in North East Tunisia and is often called Sheriq. This area is filled with towns offering picturesque beauty and a choice of historical ruins. The popular towns in this area including Aboid, El Haouaria, Nabeul and Sidi Daoua.

Step back in time in this famous ancient city of Tunisia, Carthage. A well preserved city offering tourists the opportunity to soak up the history of this beautiful city from thousands of years ago as you visit the cathedrals, baths, museums and more.

Djerba is an island off Tunisia. It is considered the largest island and is a popular tourist attraction. The island is filled with historical monuments and museums to quaint towns, villages, roman sites, fishing and magnificent seaside resorts.

This Berber village, Dougga, is now a World Heritage Site with well-preserved Roman ruins. The beautiful buildings you can still make out in this village include the theaters, baths, temples and residential villas.

Kerkennah Islands
This is a group of islands off Tunisia with two main islands, Gharbi and Chergui. These islands are quiet as they haven’t become major tourist attractions yet, enabling visitors to experience the true culture of the area, you can explore the islands or enjoy long stretches of sandy shorelines without the hustle and bustle you find in the Tunisian city centers.

Sbeitla is located in north Tunisia and is a small town with some of the most well preserved roman ruins. The ruins include baths, a forum, olive presses and residential buildings offering you the opportunity to soak up the history and step back in time.

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