Luxury Tours in Tunisia

You’ve been looking at the pictures of Tunisia from the rolling sand dunes of the Sahara Desert to the UNESCO World Heritage Sites and are getting a group of friends together for your next holiday adventure.

There is nothing stopping you planning your own vacation, hiring a car and hitting the road when you arrive. But a private tour is probably an easier option which will reduce the stress and frustration you will go through when you can’t find specific sites or book the wrong accommodation for the night.

Private Luxury Tours
Because you are heading to a country in North Africa does not mean you cannot enjoy luxury. Private luxury tours are designed for smaller groups from couples to a group of friends. This means that you all travel in a small group together and the knowledgeable tour guide will ensure you get to see all the major sites during your experience.

The best thing about private luxury tours is that you get to stay in the top quality accommodation comprising of both four and five star luxury hotels wherever you are visiting on the tour. The tour guides have years of experience in the area, so you can rest assured that you will arrive at your hotel without the frustration of trying to find out where you need to be going.

Because the private tours are smaller groups they are more flexible, there is no watch to say that you must leave now, which gives you all time to really explore and experience each area and get to enjoy every minute that Tunisia has on offer.

Whether you can only get away for seven days or you have fourteen days to spare, these tours have been specifically designed with the traveler in mind to ensure you get to see as much of Tunisian history and culture as possible.

The advantage to private luxury tours are they are reliable, enjoyable and most of all, affordable.

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