Luxurious Spa Experience in Tunisia

Tunisia located in northern Africa doesn’t only offer visitors an abundance of natural beauty, magnificent historical sights and archaeological sites. It is here where you can experience culture, luxury and relaxation.

Cultural Spas
One of the most popular luxurious experiences in Tunisia is a visit to the hammam. A hammam is similar to a Turkish bath, it’s public steam baths where you will find a selection of rooms. This luxurious experience is also a cultural one as it has been a popular choice with both men and women in Tunisia for many years.

On arrival you will be directed to a locker room where you can lock all your items, remaining in your bathing suit, you will be taken to another room where you can steam before an attendant scrubs and massages you. You’ll be surprised how amazing you feel afterwards.

Bear in mind that Tunisia is an Islamic country, this means that there are separate hammams for men and women and those that don’t have separate bathing areas, will have different opening times for men and women.

The Modern Touch
If you prefer a modern spa with the treatments you would get at home, Tunisia can offer you this as well. There are a choice of top hotels offering spa treatments such as the Thalassa Sousse Hotel, which is a beautiful hotel with four swimming pools and an indoor pool. The great thing about this hotel is the spa is complete with a modern hammam, massage treatments, spa treatments and sun beds.

Another top spa is the Bioform Center el Mouradi in Hammamet. It’s here where you will find all the luxuries of home with hydrotherapy treatments, beauty care, saunas, a hammam and aromatherapy.

Visiting a hammam or modern spa is a welcome break when traveling in Tunisia, a change from lying on the beach or visiting all the spectacular sights. Contact us and we will customize a luxurious Tunisian tour just for you!

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