Ideas for Tailored Tunisia Tours

The great thing about Tailored Tours in Tunisia is that it has a personal touch. This means that your fingerprints are all over the tour. It is your money and your time that you spend in Tunisia and therefore your right to do as you please. Here are some ideas, hints and prompts for your Tailored Tour in Tunisia.
• Be authentic: I ask, ‘what is the point of touring a country without experiencing its people, culture, history and uniqueness?’ In a recent conversation with a tourist he said, ‘I tour Tunisia not to meet other foreigners or to experience a foreign culture, but to meet locals, eat their food and to build new relationships with Tunisians’.
• Get to know the local people: I have been living in this country for a few years already. I am a seasoned traveller and have seen many cultures and know a few languages. The Tunisian people are very friendly, honest and easy to get on with. When you plan your trip to Tunisia, make sure that you are not trapped in a hotel, but get out to where the people are. Visit local coffee shops, walk the souqs, get off the beaten track where locals gather.
• Take ethnic accommodation: Sleep in a troglodyte house or in a Caravan Serai or in a Bedouin tent when you tour in Tunisia. Marble hall hotels can be found anywhere in the world. After all, you are most likely used to creature comforts in your own home.
• Eat local: Try couscous, Tunisian salad, salad mouchwaya, brik, hot harrissa and local beverages. If you can get invited to a home, your investment value increases rapidly.
• Learn some Tunisian Arabic: Learn how to greet and to be polite when you tour in Tunisia. People feel respected and loved when you try their language. You will bring smiles on faces as a bonus.
• Make unique pleasant memories: I arranged a unique tour of the Sahara desert for an American family recently. They came back to me in Djerba not to speak of the 4 by 4 ride, but of the camel ride. That one of them fell off the camel onto a soft dune. The night under the silent stars, the Bedouin tent, the bread baked in hot ashes, dancing around the open fire, the local friendly Berber guides and the feeling of freedom while the orange sun set over the serene Sahara.

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