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Hotel Dar Hi Life in Nefta (Hotel Review)

Situated in the heart of the Tunisian Sahara palm oasis, Hotel Dar Hi Life is an eco-lodge designed as a relaxing place to retreat, recharge, and reconnect with your inner self. Spending a night at Hotel Dar Hi Life located in Nefta, Tunisia will feel like an overnight in a utopia in the middle of an oasis. Its pristine natural palm oasis environment offers the perfect getaway for solo travelers, couples, and families.

Author’s Note: This is NOT a sponsored post. We do not receive any commission or benefit from Hotel Dar Hi Life for writing this review. This hotel review is written based on the author’s overnight experience at Hotel Dar Hi Life in October 2021.

Dar Hi Life - Panoramic View of Outdoor Premise and Surrounding Area

Panoramic View of Outdoor Premise and Surrounding Area

The Architecture

Dar Hi Life combines its minimalist approach to architecture with the surrounding natural ecological environment to create an invitation to relaxation and peace.

Dar Hi Life - Rooftop View

Rooftop View

Large glass windows are used to draw your attention to the outdoor scenery which beautifully overlooks a natural palm oasis.

Large window in room overlooking the oasis below

Large window in a room overlooking the oasis below

There are sun lounging areas to soak in the Mediterranean sun. There is also plenty of communal space in indoor or shaded areas for those looking to avoid the sun.

Dar Hi Life - Indoor Lounge Area

Indoor Lounge Area

Their sustainable management style respects nature, and all of their furnishings are constructed with quality wood.

Dar Hi Life - Dining Area

Dining Area

The Thermal Pool

One of Dar Hi Life’s most unique features is its outdoor thermal pool that is heated with natural hot springs from the Tunisian Sahara desert. This natural thermal pool is exclusive to hotel guests and is cleaned on a regular basis. You can fully immerse yourself in the thermal water for relaxation and its wellness and therapeutic benefits.

Dar Hi Outdoor Thermal Pool

Outdoor Thermal Pool

The Rooms

The 18 rooms in Hotel Dar Hi Life are designed with 4 concepts in mind. We would recommend staying in the rooms built as elevated individual house units which offer a panoramic view of the surrounding scenery. The room inside includes a glass window panel that overlooks the palm oasis below. 

Dar Hi Life Room

Dar Hi Life Room

What To Do In Nefta?

The guesthouse reception can organize beautiful walks in the oasis or in the desert.

You can also visit the nearby Sahara city of Tozeur located about 30 minutes away by car. There are lots of family-fun activities in Tozeur such as ziplining, visiting a palm date museum, visiting a Sahara zoo, exploring the Chak Wak museum, and much more.

For Star Wars fans, you will not want to miss out on visiting the nearby Star Wars Film Locations including the Lars Homestead Exterior (Luke Skywalker igloo house), Mos Espa site, Ong Jamal, and the Sidi Bouhlel (Star Wars Canyon). All of these sites can be visited as a day excursion from Nefta. There are other Star Wars film locations located further in Matmata, Medenine, and Djerba.

Lars Homestead Exterior In Nefta (aka Luke Skywalker's Igloo Home)

Lars Homestead Exterior In Nefta (aka Luke Skywalker’s Igloo Home)

Plan A Visit at Hotel Dar Hi Life in Nefta

We highly recommend anyone visiting Southern Tunisia spend the night at Hotel Dar Hi Life in Nefta. Taking a dip in their natural thermal pool is an exceptional experience, but their natural surroundings are why you should stay with them.

If you are interested in visiting Tunisia, we have a team of Tunisia Travel Experts who are ready to help you plan your Tunisia trip. You can browse through some of our popular Tunisia tour packages that might already include a night in Nefta, or we can also fully customize your tour itinerary to include a stay at Hotel Dar Hi Life in Nefta.

Ivan works in the marketing department for Mosaic North Africa. He now lives in Tunisia with his wife and three children. Previous to this gig, he taught band & orchestra in a California public school.

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